30 Years of Judicial Review

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The papers from the conference “30 Years of Judicial Review” jointly organised by the Universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde Law Schools in January 2015 have been published in the latest issue of the Juridical Review (Part 4, 2015). The conference was organised (with generous support from the Clark Foundation for Legal Education and the UK Constitutional Law Association) by Chris McCorkindale, Aileen McHarg (both Strathclyde) and Tom Mullen (Glasgow) who also edited the articles for publication.

 Together, the articles provide illuminating analysis of current issues and recent developments in judicial review in Scotland, an increasingly important process in both law and government. The issue includes an overview by the editors and topics covered are the development of judicial review (Lord Reed), the judicial review caseload (Alan Page), jurisdictional aspects of judicial review (Chris Himsworth), public interest litigation (Tom Mullen), the impact of court reform (Tony Kelly), the influence of European law (Denis Edwards) and the place of judicial review in the administrative justice system (Brian Thompson).

 These articles will be of particular interest to Scottish Government and local authority lawyers, solicitors and advocates, academic lawyers and administrators in the public sector.


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