MSc in Intellectual Property, Innovation and the Creative Economy

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The School of Law based ‘Centre for Copyright and New Business Models in the Creative Economy (CREATe)’ is launching an online Masters programme in September 2016 at the interface of regulation, technology and the creative industries with an aim to create future digital innovators and creative leaders.

The MSc@CREATe will cater to the executive development of creative industry professionals, especially those looking to upgrade their knowledge and skills in managing intellectual property in creative businesses. Rapidly shifting digital markets demand engagement with law and technology where creative workers are under increasing pressure to understand and apply knowledge of intellectual property to their work. Until now, there were no credible development opportunities for digital creative professionals to evidence this engagement. The MSc@CREATe offers to fill this gap with a flexible and modular online offering to suit the busy lives of creative executives or entrepreneurs who cannot take time out for full-time campus based education. The programme is taught fully online and can be taken full-time over 12 months or part-time over a period of 24-36 months, both with opportunities to attend physical masterclasses and CREATe community events.

The MSc@CREATe programme will: 1) provide learners with an overview of the key intellectual debates currently shaping academic and industry practice in the study of creative production and regulation; 2) offer learners an analytical toolkit with which to critically measure, assess and analyse the changing regulatory and business landscape in the creative industries; 3) invite learners to consider and debate the socio-cultural implications of technological disruption, particularly in relation to the creative industries; 4) equip learners to assume professional leadership roles leveraging a more complete understanding of intellectual property regulation and its relationship to the creative sectors.

For further information, to watch a 2 min promo and to apply, go to

For specific queries, please email Dr Sukhpreet Singh [Director, MSc@CREATe]

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