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The shooting in Santa Fe, Texas

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Ernest Metzger

The shooting on 18 May at a school in Santa Fe, Texas, was as awful as its predecessors and, in one respect, worse: the murderer used particular firearms that the law can barely touch. So the shooting is unlikely to provoke action among legislators, and may in fact retard it. State and federal laws restrict… Continue reading

Vladimir Nabokov commits stillicide

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Ernest Metzger

My colleagues here enjoy a good book and I’ve read several they’ve recommended. My tastes aren’t special, but since my field is Roman law, any literary reference to Justinian or the Tarpeian Rock or whatever always gets my attention. When I read I always keep a pencil close by to mark anything relevant. I’m not… Continue reading

Roman law congress in Naples

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Ernest Metzger

Historians of ancient law come together every year in September for the annual meeting of the Société Internationale pour l’Histoire des Droits de l’Antiquité. The SIHDA is one of the world’s most wonderfully conceived academic institutions: gravity, friendship and joy in perfect combination. And strong representation from every continent (except, you know …). SIHDA 2014… Continue reading