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Can courts improve how they communicate with jurors in criminal trials?

Published on: Author: Ruth O'Donnell 1 Comment

Today sees the publication of an evidence review, commissioned by the Scottish Government, into methods of conveying information to jurors. The review, which was undertaken by Professor James Chalmers and Professor Fiona Leverick, is part of a wider project of jury research, which also includes a major mock jury study and a second evidence review… Continue reading

Major programme of mock jury research

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Researchers from the School of Law at the University of Glasgow are about to embark on what will be the largest study of mock jury decision making ever undertaken in the UK. Professor James Chalmers and Professor Fiona Leverick are part of a team of researchers who have been commissioned by the Scottish Government to… Continue reading

No, “not proven” did not come first

Published on: Author: Ruth O'Donnell 3 Comments

The Scottish Government’s announcement of a two year programme of jury research, which we are delighted to be carrying out along with Ipsos MORI Scotland and Vanessa Munro of the University of Warwick, has yet again brought Scots law’s unusual “not proven” verdict to public attention. One particular aspect of this debate is frustrating. For… Continue reading

Schrödinger’s pardon: the difficulties of the Turing Bill

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The last few days have seen some confusion over the law relating to historic convictions for consensual gay sex. First, the government announced that it would accept an amendment (proposed by the Lib Dem peer Lord Sharkey, and referred to as the “Sharkey amendment”), granting pardons to people convicted of such offences. Then a Private… Continue reading

GFSL: The Process of Law Reform in Criminal Evidence and Procedure

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The next meeting of the Glasgow Forum for Scots Law will take place at on Wednesday 24 February at 3.30pm The Process of Law Reform in Criminal Evidence and Procedure Professors James Chalmers and Fiona Leverick will discuss the various law reform projects that have taken place relating to Scottish evidence law and procedure, from the… Continue reading

Abolishing the “not proven” verdict

Published on: Author: James Chalmers 2 Comments

The Scottish Parliament’s Justice Committee is currently considering the Criminal Verdicts (Scotland) Bill, the latest attempt to abolish Scotland’s peculiar “not proven” verdict. We have submitted evidence to the committee in support of abolishing that verdict, in the following terms. Justice Committee Criminal Verdicts (Scotland) Bill Written submission from James Chalmers and Fiona Leverick Thank… Continue reading

The decision in the Carmichael election petition

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Public interest in the summary of the election court’s decision in the Carmichael case means that the Judiciary of Scotland website has temporarily become unresponsive. I’ve copied the text of the summary below for those who are interested. UPDATE (12.10pm). The judgment was published at 12 noon but seems now to have become inaccesible. I’ve… Continue reading

Thirty Metres of Murder: Alistair Carmichael Not In Court

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“It’s quite unique to see a murder which you’re investigating on the silver screen. It’s just a shame the camera was pointing in the wrong direction.”– Kerstin Ekman, Thirty Metres of Murder Thanks to a combination of delayed flights and lost luggage on Sunday night after attending the European Law Institute conference in Vienna, I… Continue reading