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Placement at the Scottish Law Commission

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The Scottish Law Commission has recently concluded a Memorandum of Understanding with the Heads of the Scottish Law Schools regarding co-operation between the Commission and academics in Scotland. This aims to encourage greater support for the Commission from academia and to provide a pathway to impact for Scottish academics and allow them to develop a… Continue reading

Does Scotland’s land reform debate need the Scottish Law Commission’s input?

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Glasgow Forum for Scots Law: Roundtable Discussion on Land Reform Written by Obiora Godwin Ezike What better way to end the year than a discussion on land reform in Scotland! The Glasgow Forum for Scots Law on 7th December organized a Land Reform Round Table. The discussion focused on whether the Scottish Law Commission should have been involved in… Continue reading

GFSL: Land Reform Round Table Change of Date

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The final meeting of the Glasgow Forum for Scots law will take place on Monday 7 December at 3.30pm We will be having a Land Reform Round Table, focussing in particular on the contrasts between the law reform model followed in the land reform process and law reform led by the Scottish Law Commission. Discussion… Continue reading

Response to the Scottish Parliament Call for Evidence on the Land Reform (Scotland) Bill

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Dr John MacLeod, School of Law, University of Glasgow, 14 August 2015 Introduction My comments are restricted to Parts 1-5 of the bill. There is much to commend the central aims of the bill: creation of a land commission and tenant farming commissioner and the opportunity given to communities to acquire land for sustainable development… Continue reading

The next 50 years: Scots law, law reform & the Law Commissions

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This year the Law Commissions celebrate their 50th anniversaries. Their impact on Scots Law has been profound, particularly since the advent of the Scottish Parliament: Commission projects have led to reform of the law of legal writings, sexual offences, diligence, bankruptcy, insurance, land registration and title conditions and to the abolition of the feudal system… Continue reading