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Scots law and the Church of Scotland: the “establishment” question – a roundtable seminar

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On Friday 5 May a roundtable discussion exploring the Church of Scotland’s legal status took place at the University of Glasgow. It was the first in a series of events organised by the Humanist Studies Hub and the Law Reform and Public Policy Group, University of Glasgow in collaboration with Humanist Society Scotland, and was… Continue reading

No convincing constitutional case for taking back powers post-Brexit

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The following article by Professor Tom Mullen was originally published in the Glasgow Herald in its ‘Agenda’ section on 11 April. Last month, the UK Government set the Brexit process in motion by giving the EU notice of the intention to leave the EU. It also published a White Paper on the Great Repeal Bill… Continue reading

Consultation on the Draft Simple Procedure Rules

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At present, the small claims and summary cause procedures are intended to provide a quicker and less complicated means to resolve low-value (less than £3,000 and £5,000 respectively) claims. These procedures are intended to be accessible to litigants without solicitors and the amount of expenses recoverable from the successful litigant’s opponent is capped. While the… Continue reading