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The Leverhulme Trust: “Collections” Scholarships

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Collections: an Enlightenment Pedagogy for the 21st Century It is well known that in the three hundred years since the Enlightenment, knowledge worldwide has made giant steps – but that at the same time, this knowledge has become compartmentalised. Increasingly narrow specialisms deliver insight and technological advances – at a price. Knowledge reflects depth, but… Continue reading

On Zombie Legislation

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Two weeks ago saw the Scottish Parliament vote in favour of repealing the much-criticised Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (S) Act 2012. While the vote is merely advisory, and for now the Scottish Government have undertaken to review the legislation, it creates an interesting new category of ‘zombie’ legislation. It has not yet… Continue reading

Making the Modern Criminal Law

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The School of Law is delighted to announce the publication of Professor Lindsay Farmer’s new book Making the Modern Criminal Law: Criminalization and Civil Order (Oxford University Press). Here, Lindsay discusses the background of the project and the aims of the book in relation to a conceptualisation of modern criminal law: The research for the book… Continue reading

Professor Ngaire Naffine will deliver a lecture on the topic of ‘Men and Women in Offences Against the Person’.

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Professor Ngaire Naffine, University of Adelaide will deliver a lecture as part of the School of Law’s seminar series on the topic ‘Men and Women in Offences Against the Person’. Date: 15 September 2014 Time: 1.30pm – 3pm Venue: Walker Room, First Floor, School of Law, Stair Building, 8 The Square, University of Glasgow, Glasgow,… Continue reading